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Raindance Baskets

Artist/Weaver:  Phyllis Scarbrough

Phyllis has been weaving custom basketry and teaching for 20+ years.  She has taught basketry from the East coast to the West coast and in between.  In 1987 while living in Northern NY with Husband Steve, she took a basket class, loved it and took two more classes....the rest is history.  She knew this was her niche and has been weaving every since.  Phyllis has woven over 3,000 baskets, 300 + difference styles,  has taught over 1,500 people the fine art of basketry from 5 yrs. old to 92 yrs.  The great thing about the art of basketry, you never get bored, the possibilities are endless.  Baskets make great gifts!  For buying info, basket buying parties, basket making workshops , antique basket repairs or just a question, you can e-mail Phyllis....raindance@mwt.net.



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Phyllis Scarbrough
of Raindance Baskets....classes are offered in Viroqua area.....(more about Raindance Baskets...)

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