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Springfed Organics is a small farm nestled in the Kickapoo Valley (a.k.a. Coulee Region) of Southwestern Wisconsin. Our 11 acre farm is nourished by the natural springs and streams flowing throughout the valley. We enjoy living a lifestyle that will leave mother earth in a better condition than when we arrived. We organically grow fruits & vegetables on the farm, as well as raise some livestock. In our 'free time', crafty creations are always forming.  From the weaving of the baskets or making of papercrafts, we hope you will enjoy our work and help us support our small organic farm. Our website also provides links to local small businesses as well as a shopping opportunity for basket weaving supplies, kits, books and more! Thank you for visiting.

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Check out our basket (weaving) supplies section for the latest deals on our rattan reed, hemp & leather products. Build your own look with a custom order today!


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Please provide your contact information for seasonal updates, sales, events and opportunities to win free patterns and books!

Meet some local artists here!

Phyllis Scarbrough
of Raindance Baskets....classes are offered in Viroqua area.....(more about Raindance Baskets...)

Working in cooperation with local artisans, crafters and businesss folks to support the local communities of Southwestern Wisconsin....(more about Related Links and other local businesses...)
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