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How to's and information about weaving baskets:

Books, books and more books. Bestsellers and popular how to resource books for weaving various types of baskets. Many books contain easy to follow instructions, patterns and full color photos. Buy these books to help you create your very own handmade basket or just to admire another basket maker's work.

500 Baskets
by Lark Books

A celebration of basketmaker's art. Includes 419 pages of over 500 baskets in full color photos.

Price: $24.95 plus S&H

Art of the Basket
by Bryan Sentance

Traditional basketry from around the world. Includes over 800 illustrations and photos. Hardcover.

Price: $45.00 plus S&H

Contemporary Crafts - Basket Making
by Olivia Elton Baratt

Great step by step guide to basket making techniques from old to new. Includes 96 pages and color images.

Price: $14.95 plus S&H

A Basket Makers Odyssey
by Lyn Siler & Carolyn Kemp

Over, under around and through.......this notebook style book contains 24 basic patterns that are a great addition to any basket makers collection.

Price: $23.95 plus S&H SOLD OUT

The Basket Book
by Lyn Siler & Carolyn Kemp

Over 30 magnificent baskets to make and enjoy. Includes over 400 illustrations and great color images.

Price: $14.95 plus S&H

Basket Beginnings
by Grace Kabel

Learn all the basics with this great publication. Includes 9 easy patterns and color images.

Price: $4.50 plus S&H

How to Make Baskets Series
by Lyn Siler & Carolyn Kemp
These how to books have been among our best sellers. Each carefully illustrated pattern creates a delightful basket.

Book #1: Melon Basket, Potato Basket and Heart Basket
Price: $4.00 plus S&H

Book #2: Egg Basket, Butterfly Basket and Provender Basket
Price: $4.00 plus S&H

Book #3: Key Basket, Bread Basket and Market Basket
Price: $4.00 plus S&H

Book #4: Hearth Basket, Herb Basket and Round Gathering Basket
Price: $4.00 plus S&H

Book #5: Hen Basket, Margaret's Square Basket and Feather Basket
Price: $4.00 plus S&H

Book #6: Shaker Cat-head Basket, Amy's Basket and Oriole Basket
Price: $4.00 plus S&H

Book #7: Nathan's Square w/ Braided Handle, Gran's Cotton Basket and Nantucket Lightship Basket
Price: $4.00 plus S&H

Book #8: Grace's Wine Basket, Double Lidded Picnic Basket and Cherokee Picnic Basket
Price: $4.00 plus S&H

Book #9: Cross Stitch Tote Basket, Spiral Bottom Bread Basket and Carolina Apple Basket
Price: $4.00 plus S&H

Book #10: Lydia's Basket, Cherokee Hearts and Lidded Sewing Basket
Price: $4.00 plus S&H
BUY ALL 10 Books for $35.00 plus S&H!!! (Great Savings!)

Baskets, Baskets, Baskets Series
by Donna Rohkohl
This popular series includes instructions for many interesting and unique baskets.

Book I - Easy to follow directions and illustrations for 8 baskets, including Braids N Curls Basket, Muffin Basket, Twining Time Basket, Gathering Basket and more.....
Price: $6.00 plus S&H

Book II - Another winner. Ten sets of instructions including Wall Baskets, Indian Corn Washing Baskets, Herb Drying and Indian Curl Baskets........
Price: $6.00 plus S&H

Book III - Ten clearly illustrated basket designs. Versatile and original including Lidded Baskets, Sewing Baskets, Twill Weave Tote and Field Basket.....
Price: $6.00 plus S&H

Book IV - Instructions for three bassinets and three cradles for baby and/or dolls.......
Price: $6.00 plus S&H

BUY ALL four books for $20 plus S&H!!

Meet some local artists here!

Phyllis Scarbrough
of Raindance Baskets....classes are offered in Viroqua area.....(more about Raindance Baskets...)

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