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Basket Supplies

Basket Supplies

Quality supplies:

The quality of the materials was the most important ingredient in creating a practical (meaning usable in everyday life), yet artistically beautiful baskets. The baskets are crafted mainly from quality rattan reed. Handles vary from the hand carved oak to peeled/shaped grapevine. Seagrass, hemp cord and straps, willow shoots and leather strips are also materials I tend to use in crafting baskets.

Basket Kits -
Kits for baskets which include more than enough materials (excluding tools) to complete a unique handcrafted basket of your own. See if basket weaving is really for you before buying loads of materials. From beginners to experts, we have kits for all skill levels.

Books -
How to's and other great instructional weaving and basketry books available. Add to your knowledge library.......you can't go wrong with these prices. Great books at a great value.

Handles -
Many shapes and styles of basket handles to add to your baskets functionality......oak, willow, grapevine, wire, etc

Other supplies -
Seagrass twisted cord, seagrass braided coils, hemp cord, cotton webbing/strapping, Rit Dye, & basket feet. Add one of these products for a different texture, color or function to your creation.

Rattan Reed -
Blue ribbon quality reed sold here. Flat reed, flat oval reed, round reed and more available here.

The following are soon to be available:

Patterns  -

Easy to follow patterns and instructions for weavers of all skill levels, even ones who have never woven a basket before.

Tools -

Snips, augers and various other tools make basket making much simpler and enable the beginning weaver to craft professional looking baskets.

Meet some local artists here!

Phyllis Scarbrough
of Raindance Baskets....classes are offered in Viroqua area.....(more about Raindance Baskets...)

Working in cooperation with local artisans, crafters and businesss folks to support the local communities of Southwestern Wisconsin....(more about Related Links and other local businesses...)


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